Mavala 187 Cyclydes Blue Nail Polish

I’ve had a long love-hate relationship with Mavala nail polishes. In one hand, I really like their small bottles, which are affordable and offer a good variety of shades. In the other hand, I have already bought several bottles which contained old nail polish. It was very thick and almost impossible to apply. This happened mostly with the permanent collection, so I would advise to stick to the Summer and Winter collections: because they are produced, and sold, for a limited time, they are less likely to have remained on a shelf for months. Even though I had bad experiences in the past, I picked up the color “Cyclades Blue” the other day, thinking this would be a very nice shade for Summer months. Here are my thoughts:

I generally like nail polish that is thin and fluid and I don’t mind having to apply 3 thin layers in order for the color to look its best. With “Cyclades Blue”, however, I only had to apply 2 layers, because the liquid was so thick. I didn’t really like applying it and I was afraid it would take a really long time to dry, but with two coats of drying top coat (I used Sèche Vite), it dried just fine. However, if you tend to make a mess when you apply nail polish on (and if you don’t have a good drying top coat), stay clear from this one! The thick consistency is definitely difficult to manage and you could easily make a mess on your nails or around the house.

(one coat of nail polish)

(the final result: 2 coats of blue polish, 2 coats of drying top coat)

Bottom line:

If you are looking for a fun blue nail color, and you are not too messy when it comes to applying polish on your nails, then Mavala “Cyclades Blue” is a good choice. However, if you are looking for a polish you can use again and again, or if you prefer thinner polishes, then stay clear of this brand.

(I bought my bottle in a shop, however you can also get this brand from the Internet. The cheapest option I have found is on ).


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