Summer Luxury : Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or

Nuxe “Multi-Usage Dry Oil” is one cult product for Summer. Every late Spring, it is featured in women’s magazines (mostly French ones, but I also have seen it in the American or British press) for its moisturizing virtues. This oil is a blend of several oils including borage, almond, hypericum and camellia. It absorbs very fast into the skin and leaves a beautiful silky finish. The version I own, which contains golden shimmers, illuminates my skin with its tiny little golden specks. It looks especially beautiful on tanned girls, but the finish is also very nice on my fair skin. I love wearing it on my arm, shoulders and chest in the Summer, with a dress. The golden particles are visible, but they are milled so finely that they still look subtle. Definitely no New Year’s Eve sparkle! To me, the oil smells like vanilla and caramel. I don’t like this kind of smells (body products/perfumes that smell sweet usually make me nauseous), which is why I am still on my first bottle. I wish an unscented version existed, but I continue using it because I really like the results. If, unlike me, you favor this kind of smells, then the oil will be perfect for you: I have read several reviews of girls who just loved the way it smells.

My forearm before applying the oil.

After the application: You can see the little golden particles.


According to Nuxe, this oil can be used in a variety of ways: you can of course use it to moisture your skin, as a body oil or as an after-sun soothing products. I also read in an article a few months ago that it could help getting rid of stretch marks. In addition, this product can be applied on the face and replace night cream or serum. It is also possible to use it on dry, brittle hair. Personally, I never use it on my face, as I have oily skin and don’t need the extra moisture. I sometimes use it in my hair, but I try and be very careful to take just a tiny bit, because it can grease-up hair easily. As I said I am still in the middle of my 1st bottle, which I got… 3 Summers ago! I know, that sounds quite incredible. I don’t use it too often because of the smell which is too strong for me.

Still half full … or half empty, whichever you prefer.

Bottom line: If you are looking for a fast-absorbing oil, and if you like sweet smells, then the Nuxe “Huile Prodigieuse” is for you. The golden edition will look beautiful in the Summer and help highlight your tan. The oil is a splurge, however it lasts forever and never turns rancid.


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