Flying Diaries # 1

Or can a girl ever get prepared too early ?

One month from now I will be leaving Switzerland to go to Minnesota. I will stay in my second home for a few weeks. This is a long time for vacation, but I already wish I could stay longer. You see, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the North Star State. Even though I feel like I already live in an exceptional region, in the middle of the Alps, I am always melancholic when I think about my Minnesotan family, my friends, and just the general way of life around there.

Well, I will tell you more about my home of adoption later (I am sure that I will not be able to stop myself from praising it a few more times) but, for the moment, I will concentrate on my future flight there. It will last a little more than 13 hours total, counting the one layover I will have in Amsterdam. However, if I add having to check in at the airport, taking the train to get there, and the drive back home once I will have arrived in the States, then it will rather take just under 19 hours of travelling all in all. With no sleeping, because I just can’t sleep in public spaces (and I count planes in the lot).

Because I am so excited about going back to Minnesota, I have already begun to plan my makeup and clothing for the flight, as well as what I will take with me in my carry-on bag. I know, it is very early. But even though I have already taken long flights a few times, I see every new long journey as an opportunity to do better than last time in terms of both comfort and style.

So, if you want to know what to wear on the plane, what to bring with you, what to buy at the duty free shop, what kind of makeup to wear on the plane, … Stay tune! I will give you all the words of wisdom I have gotten from others along the years and I will also share my own experience with y’all (Not a Minnesotan phrase, but I just couldn’t resist).


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