Pampering Sunday : How to Lighten Your Hair at Home


I have medium brown hair and I sometimes wish I could have been born with golden locks. However, I am not ready to dye my hair blond, because this would be much too high maintenance for me. I am very happy with simply getting a trim every 3 months or so, thank you very much. This is why, in order to subtly (sorry Ladies, nothing too drastic here) highlight my strands, I have found other tactics.

Option 1: If you don’t like to experiment with diy hair products, then Lush “Marilyn” could be an option for you. It is a light pre-shampoo conditioner which helps to lighten hair, especially blond ones. It is also supposed to help condition your hair and make it softer. Well… that’s what is says, but having used it for a few months (about once a week), I can’t say I see much of a difference. My hair doesn’t seem to get lighter and is not silkier after using it. Plus, as you’ll see, the label lists “sodium laurysulfate”, which sounds like one of these dreaded sulfates that are so harsh on dry hair. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m not a chemistry major after all, but still, I remain skeptical. My supply has almost run out, and I will not repurchase it.

Option 2: You could also apply a mix of lemon juice and water (50/50) on your hair and go out in the sun. I remember reading in an article that Sally Hershberger, the famous American hair stylist, really liked doing it. She said she would take a spray bottle, pour lemon juice, water, and also some vodka (because it opens hair scales better), shake it well, spray some on her hair and get out in the sun. I haven’t tried it myself, but if Sally recommends doing it to get subtle highlights, I’m all for this technique!

Option 3: One thing that I have tried and loved is the honey mask. Because honey contains hydrogen peroxide, it will help lighten your hair. Before shampooing my hair, I like to whip a hair mask up with products I find in my kitchen cupboards. For the honey mask, you will need honey, mostly, to which you can add a variety of other things, depending on your hair texture. I personally love to add different oils. Olive oil is my favorite, but I try to mix oils in order to get different benefits. I sometimes also add lemon juice and/or mashed avocado. The great thing about this mask is that it highlights and it moisturizes at the same time! In order for the mask to absorb as well as possible, I wrap my hair into a small plastic bag and top it off with a towel. I try to wait at least 45 minutes before shampooing. If you try this option, be aware that results won’t show right away: I think my hair began to change slightly after the fifth application, or so. And for those of you who are afraid that honey might not wash off easily, fear no more: it dissolves very well with water and washing your hair with shampoo will definitely get rid of it all.


2 thoughts on “Pampering Sunday : How to Lighten Your Hair at Home

  1. I love these natural options! I honestly didn’t know that honey would help lighten your hair. I use an olive oil & honey mask every so often, more so during the winter months, to help combat a dry itchy scalp. Great post by the way.

  2. Thanks Lindz!

    I think that the honey mask works really well for subtle highlights and to improve general hair quality, too. If you happen to do several of these masks in a row and see a difference in your hair color, you’ll have to let me know!
    And if you like diy beauty treatments, then check the blog again: we are planning on posting a new one every Sunday.

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