How I Got Nailed This Week

Stabilo-BOS your nails: Neon tricolour manicure 

Neon colours are trendy this year. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing them on a shirt or on accessories, why not try a neon mani?

Today’s motto: the messier, the better (but do not abuse though ;-). Perfect for those of you like me who struggle to paint their weak hand.


  • Base coat nail polish  : ESSIE – Rock Solid
  • White nail polish         : L’ORÉAL – Holographic Shine – 802
  • Neon nail polishes      : RAPHAEL COSMETIC CONSULTING – FASHION MAKE-UP – Neon Yellow, Orange and Pink
  • Black nail art pen        : CLAIRE’S – Two way nail art pen and brush in Black
  • Instant dry drops        : ESSENCE – Nail Art Express Dry Drops
  • Top coat nail polish    : ESSIE – Rock Solid

Step by step:

  1. As usual, begin with a base coat and wait until it is dry.
  2. Apply a thin coat of a white nail polish. You don’t need either to be precise nor to apply an even coat. The white polish serves as a base to enhance the brightness of the neon polishes. As I didn’t have a plain white polish on hand, I used a shimmery one.
  3. To apply the neon varnishes combo, use a sponge. Assess the length of your nails to visualize the sponge portion which needs to be coloured. With the nail polish brush, put a generous coat of each shade on the sponge.
  4. Hold the sponge with tweezers to prevent staining your fingers. Dab the sponge once or twice on a paper sheet to get rid of the excess product. Correct the sponge coloured area if needed.
  5. Gently apply the soaked sponge onto your nails by either pressing it or making a rolling motion from one side of the nail to the other.
  6. As chances to mess up are very low during the next steps, you can already clean your skin with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover and pour some instant dry drops. Rinse your fingers with cold water after 5 minutes and wait until the neon nail polish is completely dry.
  7. With the black nail art pen, start drawing randomly as on the example (see picture above). Paint the lines wider apart if you want a more obvious see-through effect. Decorate either only your ring finger or the whole hand. Remember “the messier, the better” so don’t worry if the design varies between nails, it’s done on purpose!
  8. Clean up any imperfection. Wait until dry, top coat and tadaa! Stained glass neon nails! Pair this manicure with a bright shirt or a white outfit and you are ready to go.

Don’t you hear today’s manicure screaming “Try me! Try me!”?



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