Beauty misfit of the week

Chanel : Soleil de Tan

Even if Chanel products always look classy, doesn’t mean they necessarily deliver.

The accusedSoleil de Tan de Chanel. A bronzing make-up base which is supposed to give a healthy, sun-bathed glow. Its mousse-like consistency should normally turn to a velvety powder once on the skin, and give a streak-free, natural result. Its warm brown color should work well with almost any skin tone, from fairest to darkest. Or so it says…

The accuser’s testimony: Last November, I bought the bronzer Soleil de Tan de Chanel. I was really excited, because I had seen so many good reviews over the Internet. Lisa Eldridge sometimes uses it, and I remember she said that this bronzer was good for a wide range of skin tones. I also saw the Pixiwoo sisters use it in videos (though not that often). Because of all the raving reviews, I thought this bronzer was going to give me a healthy, natural tan and would be perfect for contouring, as it has no shimmer. However, the results were sometimes not-so-good, and sometimes awful. The color is much too orange, and too dark, for my fair cold-tone complexion.  I tried it in the winter, in the spring and in the summer, and the colors is always off. The bronzer always look muddy and is very hard -impossible- to blend well. It does not wear well during the day: it migrates and accumulates in spots. I tried applying it under and over foundation, but the result is never satisfactory. I used a buffing brush, a Beauty Blender, and angled bronzer brush and a powder blush to apply it, but it never blends well.

The verdict: For its unblendable texture, its ridiculously obvious and orange color and its very high price (50$ in the USA, more in Switzerland), I declare Soleil de Tan de Chanel:

…and so justice is done…


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