Occupy Your Stick : Bubble Liquid

I love BMW… Blowing My Worries Away…

Stuck with kids and don’t know how to occupy them?
Take advantage of the summery weather, make some home-made bubble liquid and try it outside!

You do not need any fancy ingredient: this tutorial is specifically designed in such a way that you end up using only basic products.

Step by step:

Pour two tablespoons of water and one of dishwashing liquid into a bowl. Please respect the 2:1 ratio for the moment.
Mix well.

And now, time for the magical ingredient…
Please meet the star of the tutorial, Mister Powdered Sugar!

Sugar acts like glue. It enhances the tension between the ingredients and guarantees well-shaped bubbles.
Add two teaspoons of sugar. Mix until the sugar is mainly dissolved.
At this point, the spoon should get a bit stuck in the liquid when you mix.

Last step: finding a “bubble-maker” tool. Tough job.
Thanks to a backbreaking brainstorming, I found two options which work great. Tried and approved!
You can either use a topsy tail tool or a pair of scissors. If you choose the latter, please make sure to tape the sharp ends together so no kid gets hurt.

Here begins the trial and error process, because the proportions of ingredients needed will vary every time.
You will need to try forming bubbles and possibly rectify the amounts of water and/or sugar until you get a good quality bubble mixture.
Do not add any dishwashing product though.

Dip the tool into the liquid, drain it a little then blow slowly. Tadaa! Bubbles’ fest!

Awesome, isn’t it?
Don’t worry, I won’t tell you pretended you were babysitting to try it.


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