Pampering Sunday:

Sugar and Oil Scrub

Sugar is definitely the star of the week. After being featured in our home-made bubble liquid, sugar joins us once again in this yummy skin scrub which can be used on face and body.

To pamper yourself this Sunday, you will need:

  • Sugar as mentioned. I prefer using brown sugar because of how it smells, but any kind works as long as it is granulated.
  • Extra virgin olive oil. Jojoba, almond, even apricot oils can be used instead of olive oil. Just make sure of the purity of the product you use.

Steps couldn’t be easier:
Put a reasonable amount of sugar into a container. The quantity depends on the size of the area you want to treat: if you want to pamper all of your curves, then don’t scrimp; if only your face needs a brightness booster, half a tea-spoon should be enough.

Time for the oil.
Be parsimonious. Too much oil will make the sugar melt quickly and you won’t benefit of the scrubbing effect. The goal is to add enough oil to get a malleable paste without drowning the sugar. It is better to mix the ingredients with a light hand just before using the scrub.

How to apply it :
Dampen your skin with lukewarm water.
Grab a bit of the mixture with clean fingers, apply it on your skin and begin massaging gently avoiding eyes’ and sensitive areas.
Rinse your skin off with lukewarm water.
As water and oil do not mix, you might end up with a thin oily film over the scrubbed surface because of oil residues.
To preserve the moisture, do not take those residues off with soap and use a soft toner instead.
If you use the scrub before going to bed you can use the toner when you wake up and let the oil nourish your skin during the night. Make sure to put a clean towel on your pillow though.
Remember : this scrub is for external use only and is not edible.

I love preparing the scrub and using it right away. However, as sugar and oil are non-perishable products, feel free to store the mixture in a clean and dark opaque container.

Plus of the Stick : Add some honey to get an even yummier scrub!


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