How I Got Nailed This Week

Summer’s not done yet, you know!


This week, it’s my turn to tell you how I got nailed this week. Ulike Lexa who can do some amazing nail art, I don’t have any skills. Anytime I try re-copying (because I’m not the creative kind when it comes to nails) a cool design, I finish up with a mess. But, what I lack in expertise, I try to make up in … fun colors!

This week, I went for a neon orange look because, unlike what I’ve been told in commercial e-mails trying to sell me clothes, what I’ve read in magazines and what I have seen in store fronts, Summer Is Not Done Yet. There you are, I said it. In fact, I feel like summer hasn’t even begun yet, because I have been working on an important project for the last month and a half, mostly staying in my fortunately cool study, and because I am looking forward to my extra long vacation in Minnesota! So, while I normally long for fall colors and trends come mid-August, this year I just want to take my time and enjoy the heat, the sun and the free time. And what could be better to get – and stay – in the mood than neon nail polish?

If you haven’t tried this trend yet, make sure you do it quick: even though I am not ready at all for autumn to come, I’m afraid there’s no getting away from it.


I received this nail polish from Lexa after I told her how much I loved the color!


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