Beauty Misfit of the Week

Dior Nail Polish

This expensive nail polish left me with cheap-looking nails.

The accused: Dior Nail Polish in Rose Dauphine / Pink Icing #253. Inside this 10ml glass bottle, which retails for over 20$ in the USA (and over 30.- in Switzerland) is a beautiful pink varnish with little silver sparkles. The DIOR USA website tells us that the color is beautiful, the application is easy and the result is long-lasting.

First accuser’s testimony: I bought this nail polish over a year ago, for my birthday, as a gift to myself. It is a good thing that I didn’t receive it from anyone else, because, seeing the result, I might have wondered about this person’s good intentions… The product is very hard to apply neatly, as it is too thick and streaks easily. I feel like I either put too little on, and so the opacity is too thin and I can see brushed streaks with my nails underneath, or I put on too much and I end up with plastered-like nails. I’ve tried times and again, because it was an investment for me and so I forced myself to use it, but I’ve never been satisfied with the result. I can’t tell you if it lasts long: it looked so awful that I took it off after only a couple days.

Second accuser’s testimony: You might think that the awful texture described by Gale is due to the sparkles: at times, sparkling nail polishes tend to be more whimsical than the plain ones. However, don’t be fooled. There is a real issue with Dior’s nail polishes whatever their finish is.

Some months ago, I had to handle a plum polish from this brand without shimmers or sparkles in it. The person whose fingers I was applying nail polish on had been advised by a saleswoman. The latter apparently didn’t mind to recommend bad quality products (in my opinion).

My painting attempt was a disaster. A calamity. A synthetic varnish Berezina. It led to an unsuccessful deployment of the full arsenal of my techniques for applying nail polishes and a particularly dissatisfied hand model who was not ashamed to slander my apparently legendary incompetence. Thanks a lot Dior!

Final verdict: Because it is (almost) impossible to apply correctly, leading to a cheap and amateurish look, we declare this nail polish:

… and so justice is done …


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