Flying Diaries #3

In-flight Makeup

As I told you last week, I intend to take off all my make-up at the beginning of my 8-hour long flight, and put some back on before landing. This will help me look less tired (I don’t dare to write “awake”, because I don’t think I’ll look very refreshed after 19 hours of travelling, whatever I try to do). Because it is impossible to take one’s whole makeup bag on the plane, and because it is important to minimize bulk and weight, I’ll have to stick to some multi-purpose favorites that have proved their worth. Here is what I’ll take with me:

Makeup travel essentials.

First in the process: wipes. You will need them to both clean your hands throughout your journey, to take off your make-up once on the plane, and to clean your face before beginning applying any makeup on. Try to take multi-purpose wipes that will work both for your face, eyes, and hands.

Then, you will need to mosturize. This is why I included in this picture a generous sample-size face cream. The one I took is from Kiehl’s, I received it last time I bought something at this store. This one is an oil-free lotion, which works best with my oily skin. Even though it is important to stay moisturized, and so creamier options might be best, I prefer to take an oil-free lotion, and to reapply it often. I also use it as eye cream, because my eye area isn’t sensitive.

After that, I will even out my skin tone and hide blemishes and dark circles with concealer. I purposedly skip foundation, in order to save some time and room. This concealer from Make-up For Ever works very well on me. Creamy formulas work best, because drier options (such as powder concealer) will make dehidratation more obvious.

I top everything off with powder, and my favorite is the Silk Screen by Origins. This powder is truly ideal for oily skin. It also slightly evens out skin tone, but it is not a powder foundation. More like a setting one. I will apply it with the great kabuki brush by Too Faced. It has a cap (not on this picture), and so it stays clean. I could also simply go with the little pad provided in the Origins compact, but I prefer the finish with the brush.

I will also use the brush to apply the powder blush I have chosen to take with. As you see in the picture, it is quite bright and orange. I advise wearing a brighter blush after a long flight. There is nothing worse than looking color-less and tired. It will give more life to your face.

After that, I will move to my eyes. Here you have two options: either use a highligter in the inner corner of your eyes and on your eyelid (you can also use it to highlight the rest of your face), or apply a light eyeshadow on. I would stick with a light to medium shade, because dark could make you look even more tired. On this picture, I chose Mac’s paintpot in the beautiful color Rubenesque. If you choose to take an eyeshadow, creamy formulas are best, because you’ll be able to apply them with your fingers easily (powder eyeshadows sometimes come with little mousse brushes, but those give terrible results). I’m not sure yet which option I’ll choose, because I also have a sample size Benefit High Beam highlighter which would look lovely.

Afterwards, I’ll take care of my eyebrows and eyelashes. I will brush my eyebrows in place and fix them with an eyebrow gel. The one I have been using for a while is by Natio. It works very well, even better than the Bobbi Brown one. I will then apply some mascara. It won’t be much, and I will have to be extra careful because planes are never completely stable. I’ve been using the new Kiehl’s mascara for about 2 weeks now and I really like it.

Finally, I will end the look with lip balm. I chose the amazing Rosebud Salve original balm, because it will multitask: you can use it for your hands, cuticles, lips of course, any dry area on your face (or your whole face if you have very dry skin), elbows, … You could even fix your eyebrows in place with it.

Most of these products will go in a transparent zip-log bag which will be holding all of my liquid items.

One more thing: don’t forget to trake a small mirror with you ! (much easier than trying to catch your reflection on your cell phone screen)


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