Wearable Orange Makeup

Remember when Pantone named Tangerine Tango the color of 2012? Everyone was going crazy about this color and some crazy makeup colors were released. Since then, I have been looking for tutorials and experimenting on my own to find wearable orange makeup looks. It took me a while to master it because, even though I really like this color on a fun bag or for a special manicure, orange can look really weird on a face… So, here are my top products and my top tips, followed by two eye makeup looks:

Orange makeup essentials.

1. Don’t mix orange with just any color: if you want to use orange on your eyes for instance, you will have to adjust your blush. I would suggest going for either a coral or a bronzed look. If you wish to go with coral, my top three blushes are Benefit ChaCha Tint (# 4), Clarins Blush Prodige in n°2 Soft Peach (# 1), and Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in n°2 Calypso Coral (# 2). Of course, you can use these blushes with bronzer for a tanned look.

2. The same goes with your lips. Try to stay in the same color palette, it will look more natural. Two great coral/orang lipsticks I have found are Maybelline Colorsensational Popsticks in n°060 Citrus Slide (# 5), and Dior Addict Lip Balm in n°003 (# 8). Of course, you can also use color that are more saturated on your lips, but if you choose to, stay natural on the eyes.

3. The eyes are the feature of my face where I decided to play up the orange color. Now, if you are afraid you’ll look totally weird with orange on your eyes, begin slowly. Two beautiful eye shadows you can use are Sephora shadow in n°78 sun-kissed (# 7) and Mac Paint Pot in Rubenesque (# 3). The Sephora shadow goes towards salmon-pink, whereas the Mac one is a metalic light orange.

4. And, finally, if you want to go all out with the orange, the German brand Make Up Factory  Eye Shadow in n°35 (# 6) is a richly pigmented medium orange. If you choose to go for it, remember to place it only in the outer corner of your eyes. If you apply it on your whole eyelid, the result will be too intense.

And, here are the two looks:

Using the Sephora eyeshadow.

Using Rubenesque as a base and Make Up Factory in the crease and outer corner.

One last tip: remember, it’s only makeup after all! It washes off easily, so have fun with it!

Have you tried incorporating the orange trend into your makeup routine?


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