Tip of the Stick

When LEGO toys give me ideas..

LEGO figurine + Nail polish = ?

A dotting tool substitute!

Here are 8 alternatives you can find around your house:

  1. For childhood nostalgics : a LEGO sword
  2. For hotties : a match
  3. For Picasso lovers : the tip of a brush
  4. For crafty girls : a soft eraser pricked with a pair of scissors
  5. For future Shakespeares : an old pen
  6. For Downton Abbey addicts : a large pearl fitted on a wire
  7. For bun maniacs : the end of a hair pin
  8. For epicureans : a pin planted in a cork

Didn’t you find something which suits you?
A toothpick, an old pearl stud earring, even an apple stem could be used!

Other ideas? Don’t be shy and list them down below!

Beware: Nail polish remover weakens and attacks plastic. Use old objects you don’t care for or try to wipe the varnish and to scratch its residues when dry.

PS: No toy got hurt during the making process.


One thought on “Tip of the Stick

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