How I Got Nailed This Week

Cocktails-inspired Collection: Paint it, now drink it!

Recently, we organized a cocknails party. Cocknails, uh, sorry? Yes, you understood it right. It’s a very pleasant concept we imagined: in a shaker, pour some great pals, splashes of vibrant nail polishes, a fair amount of Champagne and stir well. You should end up with very happy friends bearing elegant cocktails-inspired manicures and giggling a lot. That’s how our lives taste! Cheers!

#1: Margaritaaaaaa!

A pinch of salt, one lime zest…. this cocktail brings you into a toothsome world where the summer is endless.

The first design of the cocktails-inspired collection is an easy one, not pretentious at all.

Two other designs are now available! Please click on the following link: How I Got Nailed… A Few Weeks Ago – Kir Royal and Bellini

What I used:

  • Base, design and top coat: ESSIE – Rock Solid
  • Light blue nail polish: ESSIE – Shade #99 Mint candy apple
  • Mat nail polish: ESSENCE – Nail art special effect topper – Shade #07 Soft touch
  • White nail polish striper: ESSENCE – Tip painter – in white
  • Light yellow nail polish: ESSENCE – Colour & Go – Shade #51 Mellow yellow
  • Gold glittery nail polish: H&M – Gold glitter
  • An old pen dipped in nail polish to draw the details

Step by step: 

Please, click to enlarge.

  1. Apply the base coat and let it dry.
  2. If your light blue polish is sheer enough, paint a french manicure with your white striper and add a coat of blue on the entire nail when dry. If your light blue polish is like mine -i.d. not sheer  enough to let the white strip show through, paint  the whole nail surface blue.
  3. Once dry, apply a thin coat of a matte top coat and wait.
  4. Using white nail polish, draw dots along the tip of your nail. I chose to paint two rows. Yeah, salt!
  5. Paint some random dots with a clear polish along one side of your nail to symbolize the liquid dancing in your margarita’s glass! Forget about the top coat, you want to preserve the mat-brilliant contrast.

On one of your nails, instead of drawing the salt dots, go for a lemon/lime slice!
With (7.) or without (6.) glitters.

Marry your recent painted nails to a delicious margarita!
Here is the link to an awesome recipe with a splash of curacao:


PS: the colours of the pictures have been enhanced. You will end up with a more pastel effect if you use the shades of the list. 


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