Tip of the Stick

A love letter to blotting paper

How could I possibly live without you, blotting paper?

Let me confess something to you: I am seriously shiny. But not good shiny, as in “shining at work” or “shining in society”. No, bad shiny as in my face looks like a disco ball. Every hour, of every day, of every season. This is because I have oily skin.

Now, oily skin, I hear, also has its advantages: it is thought to age more slowly than dry and normal skin. Yet, at the same time, it has many inconveniences: it breaks out more easily, especially when the wrong skin care is used, it makes makeup migrate and, worst of all, it makes people look as if they just took a run. A 5-km long run.

But, people with oily skin have a few solutions to help them look nice and put together, whatever the time of day and whatever the (high) temperature outside. Among our most precious allies stands… blotting paper! It is essential for girls (and boys) who want to take off excessive oil from their face during the day. If you simply pad it on your skin, it will not move your makeup. After using it, you can dust a little more powder on, if needed, but make sure to use blotting paper first, otherwise you will finish up with a caked look that will get oily again faster.

And here’s my best trick: blotting paper can be expensive. Some brands go as high as 20$++ for 100 sheets. But I found a way to cut on my blotting paper budget: I now use toilet seat protectors! I know, it sounds weird, but it is made of the exact same stuff as blotting paper, and it works even better: because it is bigger, you can press it all over your face! Plus, one protector will last you a long time: it contains maybe 10 times the surface as a normal blotting paper square.

Do you have tips for oily skin?


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