Flying Diaries #4

When in doubt, go naked!

Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, that is. This is by far my favorite palette ever! The colors are beautiful and work wonderfully with my blue-grey eyes. I think it’d look good on most eye colors, actually.

Before the launch of the Naked 2 palette, I had read just about everywhere that the original Naked palette was amazing. I hesitated to buy it, though, because I didn’t like the shades so much. Then, when the second palette was launched, around Christmas 2011 or so, many blog writers and Youtube makeup gurus had animated discussion, trying to find out which palette was the best. Except maybe for the little primer potion which was replaced by a little lip gloss in the 2nd version, the result was a draw.

The palette, without the little lip gloss.

Not only are the colors beautiful, but they are richly pigmented, too! Which means that the palette will last forever. The colors are highly versatile, so you will be able to achieve many looks. Which is why I am taking this palette with me whenever I travel! -Ok, this sounds so snobbish… In reality, since I got it last February, the only times I left my hometown were for a few days in France and Italy in July, and now for my 1-month vacation in beautiful Minnesota-

When I travel, I always try to bring eyeshadow palettes with me. Less bulk, less chances to break. I stay clear from the all-in-one palettes, though, the ones that come with lip gloss and blush, because they generally contains mostly colors I will not use. Plus, I’d rather bring a simple tinted lip balm or tinted lipstick that I can carry in my purse. The Naked 2 palette has it all good for travelling: it is resistant, with its metal case, which means no breakage. It comes with a double-ended eyeshadow brush which has the same quality as a normal eyeshadow brush, unlike the ones you generally get for free when you buy eyeshadow (hello horrible mousse-tip ‘brushes’!). Plus, it will give you many eye makeup options!

Don’t believe me? Well, let me prove you wrong: next week, I will post 7 looks, for 7 days, all made exclusively with the Naked 2 palette!


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