What I Did Last Weekend

Visiting the Grande Dixence Dam!

Believe it or not, I live less than an hour away from the tallest dam in the world, and I had never been to visit it. Despite the terrible weather (cold and rainy), my mother and I decided it was time to go and see it at last.

So, we took the car and went. To access the dam, we had to go up in a gondola lift. We could have gone on foot, but we decided to take the lazy way up:

The dam was very impressive! But it was so big and the wall was angle in such a way that it was a lot less scary than smaller dams that are more vertical and so make it look like the drop is much higher.

Despite the weather, I was happy to go there and visit it! We could also have visited the inside of the wall, and see how the installation functions, but we decided on a simple, quick visit.

So, what did you do last weekend?


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