Tip of the Stick

Use Steam to Open Your Pores!


One quick tip today:

Ever used blackhead strips and found their result limited? Even after taking a bath or a shower, which should have opened your pores enough? Well, I did… Until I began to systematically start my blackhead strips ritual by going into my kitchen! Every time I want to open my pores really well I now get some water to boil and stick my head over it for a few seconds. Maybe a minute or so, you really don’t have to stay there long. Of course, you will have to adjust the heat to make sure the water is not boiling like crazy, but rather just simmering: it will make enough steam and it will not be too hot. You will also have to test your level of resistance, so don’t stay over the steam if you feel too warm! To concentrate steam around your face, you can use a towel placed over your face.

Just make sure to have strips ready, and put stick them on right away. I promise they will work much better!



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