Beauty Misfit of the Week:

Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

These week’s misfit.

The accused: According to the website, their powder foundation Mac Studio Fix should both cover and mattify skin. It “Gives skin a smooth, flawless, all-matte, full-coverage finish”. Plus, it is supposed to last up to 8 hours. Yeah, sure…

The accuser’s testimony: I bought this compact powder last Spring, in search for a good Summer powder that could help my oily skin staying matte even in the hottest weather. I decided to try Mac, because everyone seems to be raving about it. Plus, they have so many colors to choose from that I was sure to find the perfect shade. But, nothing seemed to work how I wanted: First, the shop-assistant chose the wrong shade for me. It is much too yellow and too dark. This is actually a problem I seem to have: why do shop-assistant in makeup stors always have to give me foundations that are at least 1 shade too dark? Do they think that it will make me look tanner and healthier?

Well, anyway, even if it’s not the right shade, doesn’t mean that it’s not a good powder. And the biggest concerns have nothing to do with the color, but with the overall wear and effect: THIS POWDER DOES NOT MATTIFY! It leaves my skin slightly oily when I apply it, and the oil comes through within at the most 2 hours. One more very big problem: the texture never looks natural! It covers my skin in plaques and it looks like plaster. Plus, very very bad detail: it migrates! It moves so much and gathers around my eyebrows, or around my nosestrils, making the plaster-like effect even worse and leaving some areas of my skin without any coverage. And, because the powder is far from my natural skin color, the overall effect is simply awful!

The verdict: Because it does not mattify, it covers horribly and it migrates, I declare Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation:

And so justice is done!


8 thoughts on “Beauty Misfit of the Week:

    • No problem! I’m happy to know this review was useful!
      If you are looking for a mattifying powder, Origin’s Silk Screen is simply Amazing. It is not a foundation, though, so it will not give a lot of cover.

      • dont know if it’s available here .. im in the UAE .. available at sephora?

        cover is something i need because i despise foundations .. dont suit my tan oily skin!
        thanks 🙂

      • Maybe you’ll find it at sephora… Otherwise possibly on the internet?

        If you want to cut some shine, Neutrogena makes a great anti-shine primer. I’ve tried lots of mattifying primers, and this is the best so far!

        What bat trying a mattifying bb cream, like the Smashbox or Tarte ones? And then top it off with powder?

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