My new favorite treat!

Iced coffee

So good, and so simple!

Let me introduce you to my favorite drink, dessert and/or afternoon snack: iced coffee! I’m not talking about drinks like Starbucks iced-coffee, which is strong warm coffee cooled down by ice cubes. No, my drink actually features coffee ice cubes!

Here is the super simple recipe. You will need:

coffee : I make mine with my Nespresso coffee machine. I like to use strong coffee for this recipe.

ice-cube maker (just a simple mold will do)

milk : I use whole milk, but you can vary and take skim milk, soy milk, …

maple sirup : this is optional. You can also take sugar instead.

To make the ice cubes, simply pour your coffee in an ice cube mold. Wait until it is frozen and put them into some milk, according to taste. You may here add some mapple sirup or sugar if you like sweet drinks.

This drink is perfect for warm summer nights! Enjoy!



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