Beauty Misfit of the Week

Chanel Eye Shadow : Les 4 Ombres

This week’s misfit.

The accused: According to its description on the website, the 4 Ombres Chanel Eyeshadow squad should provide an easy application and be very pigmented. The compact I chose, 79 spices, is made up of for shadows: one light pinky-beige shadow, one light pink shadow, one gold shadow and one medium warm brown shadow. All of them are iridescent with very small sparkles.

The accuser’s testimony: I bought this eyeshadow compact on sale, about a year ago. I was really excited, as it was the first Chanel makeup item I had ever bought. Well… if I had judged this brand only on this compact, I would never have purchased anything from them again. While the colors are beautiful in the compact, the shadows are almost not pigmented at all! See proof #1 : To make these swatches, I had to rub the shadows like crazy, and there is almost no color! Overall, these shadows give me the result of 1$ drugstore off-brand makeup. No, I actually think that 1$ make-up would be more pigmented.

Proof #1.

The verdict: Because it has no pigmentation and, while on sale, still cost more than 45 CHF (about 45 dollars), I declare Chanel 4 Ombres in Spices:

And so justice is done.


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