A Fast And Fancy-Looking Appetizer

Guacamole-Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

I really like cooking! And, what I prefer doing are simple, fast dishes that require little or no heat to make. Here is one of my favorite appetizers:

Guacamole-Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes:

You will need:

– a few cherry tomatoes

– salt and pepper

– one or two avocados

– chili flakes (or fresh chilly)

– lime juice


First, begin by washing your tomatoes. Then, cut off the top and empty the inside. Sprinkle some salt in the emptied tomatoes and place them on absorbent paper towels: the tomatoes are going to give out some of their water. In order for the tomatoes to sit up straight, you can cut off a little bit of flesh at the bottom.

Then, make the guacamole: in a plate, mash the avocado(-s). Add lime juice, chili flakes, and salt and pepper to taste. Scoop the guacamole into the tomatoes… et voilà!

Make sure you don’t wait too long before eating this appetizer: even though you put lime juice in the guacamole, it still can turn brown-grey.



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