How I Got Nailed This Week

Architecture-inspired Collection : “San Francisco s’embrume, San Francisco s’allume” Maxime Le Forestier

Here is the first nail tutorial featuring monuments. This week we are celebrating San Francisco!
I was going to paint the Golden Gate Bridge, because it is emblematic. But then I fell in love with some pictures of the Bay Bridge and decided to change my plans. Hope you will like the designs anyway!

My purpose isn’t to paint a copy of the picture. The pattern is abstract, it’s my take of the piece of architecture chosen.
What I find amazing with those designs is that you can use a completely different palette: they allow me to introduce you to some techniques, but at the same time stay very versatile.

“San Francisco s’embrume…”

Here is the link to the picture which inspired me:
It might be a great design for Halloween since it looks like kind of a spider web even if it wasn’t my goal obviously. I drew it on false nails.

What I used:
– Base coat and top coat : ESSIE – Rock Solid
– White paint: I didn’t have any white varnish or acrylic paint within easy reach. Use white nail polish for a smooth result.
– Grey nail polish : ESSENCE – Colour & Go – Shade #56 Got a secret
– Silver nail polish striper : ESSENCE – Nail art tip painter – Shade #03 Silver surfer
– Blue nail polish striper : ESSENCE – Nail art tip painter – Shade #07 Ocean breeze
– Toothpick

Step by step:

1. Apply your base coat and let it dry.
2. Paint your nails entirely white.
3. Once the white coat is dry, create a grey gradient (less or more obvious according to your taste). Mine is very subtle. How to achieve a gradient: put nail polish onto a make-up sponge, hold it with tweezers and dab it onto your nails. Apply thin successive coats and build up the colour until you get the desired effect.
4. Draw four dots on the center of your nails using the silver striper. It looks cute at this point as well!
5. Connect the dots to the extremities of your nails to create parallel triangular shapes
6. Here, you are at a crossroad. You can either paint the version A, B or alternate the designs between your nails.

For design A: Tribal-liked pattern
A.7. Using the blue striper (or the toothpick soaked in blue nail polish), draw little triangles in between the silver lines. It mimics the metal structure of the bridge.
A.8. Apply the top coat and you’re done!

For design B: Metallic spider web
B.7. Using the blue striper, draw two lines across the silver ones. They represent the bars which support the metallic structure.
B.8. Optional step: draw some silver lines over the silver ones you painted at the beginning.
B.9. Apply the top coat and voilà!

“San Francisco s’allume…”

Let’s see how the bridge looks like when the lights illuminate it:

I really like this nail design (see picture below please). It’s fresh, easy, yet lovely.

What I used:
– Base coat and top coat : ESSIE – Rock Solid
– Blue nail polish : KIKO – Shade #295
– Coral nail polish striper : ESSENCE – Nail art tip painter – Shade #08 Juicy coral
– Gold nail polish striper : CLAIRE’S – Two way nail art pen and brush in Gold

Step by step:

1. Apply your base coat and let it dry.
2. Paint your nails blue: you can choose to paint the whole nail blue or just partially. I wore false nails for the tutorial and found great to let a portion bare. If you want to achieve the same effect on your nails, paint them half beforehand with a nude polish (white, light grey, any shade which combines well with the others). The following steps are the same whichever version you choose. Up to you!
3. Once the blue coat is dry, draw two lines across your nails with the coral striper as shown on the picture. They symbolize the red road.
4. Using the gold striper, paint small dots following a curved line design. Yes, you got it! They represent the lights on the bridge.
5. Apply the top coat and prepare yourself to receive compliments on your manicure. You look fabulous!

Did I mention how versatile those nail arts are? Imagine you use white instead of gold and you start painting dots or even stars. Yes, you got it, American Flag!

I hope you will like those designs and try your own versions of them. Can’t wait to show you the next designs of the collection. Stay tuned!


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