Beauty Misfit of the Week

The Clarisonic Mia

This week’s bad, bad misfit.

The accused : Do I need to introduce the Clarisonic ? It is an electric deep cleaning skin brush that everyone has been raving about for months –years?- now. From bloggers to beauty editors, almost everyone has agreed that it exfoliated their skin gently and gave them a much better skin texture and a glow they could never get with any other tool or product. Well… I don’t!

The accuser’s testimony: I bought the Clarisonic Mia last September, after having thought about it non-stop and pondered whether I should spend that much money or not for weeks on end.  I mean, with shipping and customs, it was going to be 200$ total, so I needed to make really sure it was going to change my skin, change my life, make me be the star of my own little fairytale. When I began using it, my skin reacted with little white blemishes, and I thought it was perfectly normal. After all, I had read in several different places that the brush was going to deeply clean my face, and impurities were going to go out of my pores at first. This amazing Dave Goss video had not been released, and so I believed in the wrong facts I had been given:

Everything began going very badly about 3 weeks-1 month after I started using the brush: I was getting cystic acne, the kind of breakouts that stay below the surface of the skin and hurt terribly, all over my chin and jaw area. I now understand that I broke out like that because my skin had been hyper-sensitized by the brush, but I did not understand it at the time, and I thought that the only way I could get rid of these breakouts was by being patient and continuing using the Clarisonic. After a couple months and some research, though, I began to blame the brush for how terrible my skin was feeling and looking. I had never had that much acne, all because I had bought an over-priced brush to actually improve my skin. But, because I had spent so much money, I was not ready to let go of the brush…

And so, I switched the brush head form “sensitive”, which is the brush the Clarisonic is delivered with, to “delicate”, which is the softest brush of all the ones Clarisonic offers. I continued using the brush for about 1 month, this time only about three times a week. My skin was feeling less inflamed, but the breakouts remained and it was nothing compared to how lovely it had looked before September. It took me several months all in all, but in mid-February, I decided I was done with the Mia. It was our final break-up. Since then, my skin has been improving. It was very slow at first, and I continued to have many cystic acne breakouts until the end of April. Since April, I’ve had a few, and now I have hardly any. My skin is finally back to how it was before I began using the Clarisonic just less than a year ago.

What a shame… 200$ wasted and, even worse, 1 year with terrible skin.

The verdict: Because it was a tool of torture and ruined my skin for a year, I am so very happy to loudly declare the Clarisonic Mia:


And I think the brush deserves a sentence even more terrible!


6 thoughts on “Beauty Misfit of the Week

    • Thanks! I really wanted to share my experience and try to avoid the possible bad effects of the Clarisonic. I find that, in shops like Sephora where the brush is sold, the shop assistants are all over it and really trying to sell it to you, saying it will change your skin. However, in other kind of shops, adviser are a lot more skeptical and say that one should be very careful when using it. It happened to me for instance in the Kiehl’s shop.

  1. I returned mine after trying it two times (and because I found this honey peel that works like magic)! I don’t think it broke me out badly but for the price, I didn’t think it was doing enough. You’ll eventually find something that works, like me :]

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