How I Got Nailed… A Few Weeks Ago

Cocktails-inspired Collection: Paint it, now drink it!

A few weeks ago, we organized a cocknails party. Cocknails, uh, sorry? Yes, you understood it right. It’s a very pleasant concept we imagined: in a shaker, pour some great pals, splashes of vibrant nail polishes, a fair amount of Champagne and stir well. You should end up with very happy friends bearing elegant cocktails-inspired manicures and giggling a lot. That’s how our lives taste! Cheers!

If you want to look at the first design of this collection –a salty Margarita-, please click on the following link: How I Got Nailed This Week – Margarita Cocknail

I had a really pleasant time having my nails done by Gale and playing with polishes on hers. That’s why I had to do my best to present you today’s compositions with all the care which is owed to them. It’s my way to thank Gale for the wonderful evening we shared. Hope there will be many others!

So, today, two easy designs yet impressive!
Perfect for girls’ nights out when you want to bling and not to wring.

#2: Kir Royal

What I used:

  • Base and top coat: ESSIE – Rock Solid
  • Fuchsia nail polish: ASTOR – Lycra flex – Shade #630 Fuchsia Fusion
  • Gold nail polish: CLAIRE’S – Two way nail art pen and brush in Gold (wish I had this one with me: CATRICE – Shade #650 Goldfinger)
  • Gold sparkly nail polish: CLAIRE’S – Chip resistant
  • Make-up sponge
  • Tweezers
  • Old pen

Step by step:

  1. Apply the base coat and let it dry.
  2. Paint your entire nails in a vibrant fuchsia color.
  3. Once the coloured coat is dry, create a gold gradient (less or more obvious according to your taste). How to achieve a gradient: put nail polish onto a make-up sponge, hold it with tweezers and dab it onto your nails. Apply thin successive coats and build up the colour until you get the desired effect.
  4. Time to decorate, let your inspiration guide you! To follow our design: draw some dots with your dotting tool along the contour of your nails with a sparkling gold polish. Champagne is bubbling in a bold gold way, yay! No dotting tool? Don’t worry, here are some substitutes: Tip of the Stick – Dotting tool
  5. Top coat and you’re ready to enjoy this sweet cocktail!

Kir Royal – Recipe:

  1. In a glass, pour a reasonable amount of blackcurrant syrup (blackcurrant cream within your grasp? better!).
  2. Fill the glass with Champagne.

#3: “Bellini, c’est fini, et dire que c’était la ville de mon premier amour”

What I used:

  • Same nail polishes, same tools. Replace the fuchsia nail polish by a peach one. In my case: ESSENCE – Multi Dimension – Shade #67 Just Shout! (Love this name haha)

Step by step:

  • We followed exactly the same steps as for the Kir Royal design except we chose to put the sparkling gold dots at the tip of the nails.

Bellini – Recipe:

  1. Mash a white peach (their flavour are the sweetest) and pour a tablespoon of the mixture in a glass.
  2. Fill the glass with Champagne.

You like it ? Then share it! We appreciate your support, it means a lot to us.

Have a marvellous day ❤ 

Everything’s better with Champagne, isn’t it? 


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