Bye Bye Love

A little more than a year ago, I found the one. The one perfume, that is. It was so perfect, and I am picky when it comes to fragrance. I usually prefer fresh, watery scents and they are most often summer editions. And, sure enough, I found my Eau d’Issey Eau d’Eté 2011 last year, in May. According to, it has top notes of rose, pear and water, middle notes of carnation and peony and base notes of osmanthus and wood. It is extremely fresh, but also girly with the notes of pear and peony. I only have a few uses left and I am saving them.

The limited edition is still available on a couple of websites, but I have decided on not getting a new bottle. First, I am afraid that, being more than a year long, it could turn bad fast after purchasing. But, mostly, I think I need to move on and find another perfume without clinging to this one-shot blend. I am normally not an exclusive perfume (or just about anything) kind of girl, and maybe, just maybe, the fact that this is a limited edition adds to the whole myth of it…

I have already begun using a couple of other fragrances, which I like but don’t love. I’ll let you know about them shortly. And, in the meantime, wish me luck on my road to find my perfect match!


One thought on “Bye Bye Love

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