Pampering Sunday:

Get Rid of Oily Scalp!

One product that I always have around the house and love so much is … baking soda! It works for so many beauty-related things! And here is one of my favorite tricks: you can use baking soda to deep wash your roots and get rid of excessive oils!

Baking Soda… the new bathroom hero!

To deep wash my hair with baking soda, here is what I do:

I mix some baking soda (about 1/2 a palm full) with my normal shampoo and wash my hair with it, paying a particular attention to my roots. I then leave the shampoo on for a little longer that I normally do, rinse it all off, repeat with pure shampoo if needed, and then I apply conditioner. Sometimes, I also use baking soda only and scrub it on my scalp, then leave it on for a while and follow with normal shampoo. It really helps to wash my oily scalp deeply without being harsh at all!

Happy Sunday Pampering!


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