How I Got Nailed This Week

Intergalactic Nude Nails


Hey everyone! Ever got bored with a nude manicure after a couple days? Are you too lazy/busy to wipe off your nude nail polish and start anew with a bolder color? Well, I have a perfect solution for you : a special effect top coat!

I love using a special effect top coat on nude nails, because nude colors always have me yawning a couple of hours after the polish has dried. I always start with lots of optimism and good-will, thinking that nude nail polish will make me look sophisticated and grown-up. But this mood doesn’t last long…

I must say, however, that this particular nude nail polish, which is Chanel 567 Beige Petale, is just beautiful! It is the perfect nude for fair to medium skin gals. It applies easily and 3 thin coats will give you a very good result. Plus, as I told you last week, Chanel nail polish lasts for ever, so buying one in a nude shade is a good investment.


While this shade is very elegant and I would definitely wear it to a work interview or any situation when I have to present a polished and proper appearance, I seriously wanted to mix things up after a couple days.

Enters Shine of the Times, one of Essie’s Luxeeffects limited edition nail polishes. It is a top coat which contains little light reflective particles. The “shimmers” change colors depending on the light, and look at times neon green-yellow and other times neon orange-pink.


The result on nude nails is amazing! I loved it so much I kept staring at my nails and moving them around to see the spectrum of color change. I have also put this top coat on bare nails when I was on vacation, and I find it’s a good alternative to bare nails when you want to be very low maintenance, but still show you care about your appearance and want to have fun. I do prefer the result on nude nail polish, though.

Oh, and by the way, don’t you think it would look amazing as a top coat for a “galaxy” mani?


What’s your mani of the week? Please, share with us!



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