Product Battle

Dry Shampoo Fight!

There are a few (ok… a lot) beauty products I could not live without. Among them, dry shampoo is in good place. I don’t know how I’d do without it! Generally, I wash my hair once every two or three days. But, without it, I’d have to wash it every day.

I thought that I’d lose the oily scalp as I left my teenage years behind, but unfortunately it hasn’t happened yet. Since teenagehood, however, I have discovered this genius product which has changed my life ( just a slight exaggeration here…).

I’ve already tried many brands, and today I’m giving you a review of the last three I’ve bought:

Algemarina Trocken Shampoo: This one is among the cheapest ones I’ve ever tried. It is supposed to be loaded with things that will make your hair healthy, such as vitamin E. I know one thing: it will not improve the quality of my hair, that’s for sure! I will never know if the products it contains will make my hair healthier, because I’m not repurchasing. While it did not leave too much of a white residue on my hair, it left some on my arm and in my ear! This had never happened to me before! It was really hard to spray without making a mess and, several times, the nozzle got stuck and little sprays of dried shampoo kept flying out.

Frottee Trocken Shampoo: This one is also very cheap, it is actually the same price as the Algemarina one. I have been using it for years and find that it does a really good job! Be careful not to spray too much, because it will definitely leave a white residue. So, it might not be the best option for very dark hair gals. However, it gets rid of oil very well and give hair some nice volume!

Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo: This is the most expensive dry shampoo I have ever bought. It is also the only colored one I have ever owned, and I am now a convert! Why don’t all of them match hair colors? Consequently, it was very easy to make it disappear into my hair, and to have it look very natural. However, I found that it didn’t get rid of oils as well as the Frottee one, it didn’t give as much volume, and I had to use a lot. So it was quite expensive all in all.

I have also tried the Dove dry shampoo and the Klorane one, but they haven’t convinced me: the Dove one I used one morning and when I reached for the bottle a few days later, I found that it was completely empty! And let me tell you it was a big bottle, bought in America! I can only think that it had a leak or something… The Klorane one I found so overrated! Everyone raves about it in magazine, but I am under the impression that these people must all be blond, because it leaves a lot of residue on darker hair. Plus, it is not cheap.

So, here’s the winner of today’s battle:

Hope this post can help you in your search for dry shampoo! One more tip: for those of you living in Switzerland, don’t make the mistake I’ve made for many years: buy your dry shampoo from Müller, and not from Manor, where the Frottee one is twice the price (and no exaggeration here!).

Do you have great tips to use this product?


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