Tip of the Stick

Shop Your Beauty Bag!


Today, a very quick and easy tip, yet very effective also:

Do you, just like me and other women, pile makeup products up and forget about the ones you used to love just as soon as you’ve gotten some new goodies? Do your staple products change just about every week, or every couple weeks, depending on how often you go to the beauty shop (and come back with a bagful)?

Well, I have a challenge for you : STOP doing it for 2 WEEKS and, instead of buying anything new, just SHOP YOUR BAG! 

To make this experience even more interesting, try to mix things up and change products every couple days, so that you don’t get stuck in a routine. And try to use products in an unexpected way. Lately, I’ve used lipsticks and balms as blush and I’ve used eye pencil as a base all over my eyelid. The results are really cool!

Let me know if you’re up to the challenge! Good Luck!

P.-S: I was going to challenge you, and myself, to do this for 1 MONTH, but then I thought it was just too cruel, and not realistic at all!


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