Star of the Stick:

This Shampoo Is Awesome!


I’ve been using the La Grande Boucle Lush Shampoo, also known as Curly Wurly, for weeks now and I wonder why I’m talking about it only now… because it is great!

This shampoo is specially formulated for curly or wavy hair which need so special love in order to banish frizz and dryness. I have wavy hair and, to be honest, I can’t say that this shampoo has dramatically improved my waves and helped to define them. I generally don’t trust shampoos to do that, that’s the job of styling products. However, I can say truthfully that this shampoo is great to wash hair really well (no sticky residue left on the scalp… Moroccan Oil Volume Shampoo, I am talking of you…), while being non-aggressive.

I use it every other shampoo when I want to deep wash my scalp. I always follow with a conditioner to nourish my hair better but also because of… the flakes:


Now, as you can see on the picture, Curly Wurly is made with coconut flakes. Which is sometimes problematic: if you don’t brush your hair after rinsing the shampoo off, some flakes will remain in your hair… It hasn’t been much of a problem for me because I always condition and detangle my hair with a brush or a comb in the shower, and so either the brush chases the flakes away, or the water rinses it away when I get rid of my conditioner. However, I have seen on the Lush website that it drove some girls crazy.

Another problem with this shampoo: its smell. I know very many people just love the smell of coconut and other sweet foods in hair or body products. Lush is well-known for their sweet smelling ranges. But I really really dislike this kind of smells, and so I so much with this shampoo could smell differently. My sticking to it despite the smell (which I’m sure some of you will just adore) is yet another proof that it works really well.


What about you? What’s your favorite shampoo? And do you have Lush products you love?


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