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Online Holliday Shopping

My Picks For Christmas 2012

Christmas, along with all its celebrations and gift-giving, is around the corner. Which means that most makeup brands are now advertising their Holiday specials. I’ve tried my best to stay away from their luring adds, but still, as always, I find myself devoting a lot of time to dream-shopping. Here are a few of the items that come up recurrently on my mind. Most of them are actually not Christmas specials, but they are gorgeous all the same:


1. At the top of my list is Burberry Makeup and accessories. All of this comes from spending a lot of time mystified in front of the Burberry Youtube Channel watching and re-watching their makeup tutorials. It all looks so clean and simple and the result is always spectacular. Of course, it helps that they take one of the most fashionable models out there to have their makeup done. But still, it looks so luxurious and professional. My personal picks are first the new Complete Eye Palette, and more specifically # 01 Smokey Grey, then there is their “Fresh Glow” Luminous Fluid Base which looks fantastic (by the way, on one of the videos posted on their Youtube channel, the makeup artist uses it over eyeshadow to give a sheen to a normally matte eye. A must-try!). While I’m not a fan of dark lips, their “Lip Mist” Natural Sheer Lipstick in # 06 Blueberry is featured in one of the videos and, once again, I’m totally smitten. Finally, their # 09 Socket Line Brush seems to be a good staple to own for sheer, easy eye makeup.

2. Even though I’ve been using less nail polish lately, and kept my nails more or less au naturel, I still believe that no-one can ever own too many polishes. And it is especially true when it comes to polished loaded with sparkles! Now, some sparkly polished disappoint because they just don’t have enough shimmer/sparkles/base color in them. The Deborah Lippman ones, on the other hand, always look perfect on pictures. I’ve never owned any, and they don’t sell over here, but I’ve always been curious to try them. Who know, maybe after I’ve received some money at Christmas I’ll order one. The tricky part will be to choose between all the different colors. I’ve done my best to restrained myself and I’ve come up with 5 picks: “Let’s Go Crazy” (the purple one), “I Love the Nightlife” (the white one), “Boom Boom Pow” (the gold one), “Today Was a Fairytale” (the silver one), and “Cleopatra in New York” (the gold and black one).

Oh, and there is also the new Chanel nail polish 637 Malice in my picks. As you’ve seen before, I really love Chanel nail polishes in classic colors, because they apply really well and last a long time. This dark red is perfect for fall and winter and it is a color that never goes out of trend!

3. Last year, I went crazy for eyeshadow palettes. I got the Naked 2 palette, the Stilla Christmas palette and the Bobbi Brown shimmer block Christmas palette. This year, however, I don’t seem to find as many interesting ones as back then. When it comes strictly to Christmas, or at least winter collection palettes, I find myself luring on the new Dior Night Golds  (the one on the left). If I think about it, I probably already own similar colors, though… Then, there is another palette which is not new at all and which is not Christmassy-wintery either: the Estee Lauder Island Oasis Palette which dates back from a year and a half ago. It was a summer special, but it’s still available on some websites.

I can’t decide if I had too much last year, or if 2012 is just not a good year for Christmas palettes…

What about you, what’s on your list??



Etsy Shop On A Stick

Dragon Moon Lotions Has Great Perfumes!

A few weeks ago, I told you I was out of my beloved perfume. It was a one-shot summer edition and I decided not to repurchase it, even though it was, and still is, on sale on some websites. So, after looking for an alternative for several weeks, I decided to turn to Etsy. And I am really happy I did. Etsy is the perfect place to look for a cheap, original perfume that can be exactly what you are looking for. On this website, many people sell perfume oils, and if you just look for them, you are given a lot of options. I have selected for you one of this sellers who sells very nice scents at an unbeatable price!

Shelly, in her shop Dragonfly Moon Lotions, sells a variety of perfumed oils with all kind of notes including floral, candy and wood. The list includes cool sounding fragrances such as “Gift from Heaven”, “Aphrodisiac”, “Isles of Dreams”, or “Stud”. While these names might sound mysterious, Shelly gives each time a description of the notes present in the perfume. I have gotten several of these oils myself and I’m really happy with them. My personal favorite is “Lilly of the Valley”, which smells simple and very clean. In addition, the perfume lasts all day! On my skin, perfume normally lasts half a day if I’m lucky, but those oils are very long-lasting, especially when applied on pulse points.

Shelly also sells other kinds of products such as sea salts, face cream, lip balms,… I have only gotten perfume oils from her, but the other stuff is very tempting!

And the best? Shelly will even create your own fragrance by combining the oils you will choose! And all that only for 6$ !!! Great, right?!? I’ve just ordered my own and I’m so impatient to get it!

Happy shopping!!!

How I Got Nailed This Week

One Good Surprise

This DEBBY nailpolish is cheap, but looks like big bucks!


Sometimes, there are expensive beauty products or tools that disappoint. When it comes to nails, I feel that one really can’t know if the new polish they buy will be a winner or a loser. Expensive polishes are not necessarily better. I’ve always had good experiences with Chanel ones (as you can see here, here, or here) , but I find the Dior ones simply horrible.

Conversely, sometimes really cheap polished can have the most amazing opacity, durability and shine. It sometimes happens, but it’s rare… And the best, don’t you find, is when you score one, even though you had no expectation at all. This is what happened to me with this beauty, which is a Debby nail polish that I bought in Italy about a year and a half ago. It doesn’t seem to have a name, so I guess the color code must be C350, which appears on the front sticker on the bottle. The color is perfect for winter. It is a shimmery red, but it is a dark red, which means it doesn’t look overly Christmassy. It applies on like a breeze and it is very shiny! In fact, much shinier than any other I own. Plus, the opacity is really great: On this picture, I only wear 1 coat!

Unfortunately, I’ve had it for so long that I’m almost out of it. I guess a trip to Italy is on my to-do list!

Tip Of The Stick

How To Deal With Tangle-Prone Hair

Does your hair have uneven texture? Maybe it is straight on top and curly on the bottom? Do you get lots of tangles, even if you do your best to brush your hair often? Do your hair stay straight, soft and shiny for only one day after having used your beloved but unfortunately not so highly efficient hair iron?

Well, if it’s not your case, it is certainly mine. I have struggled with unruly hair for a very long time and, while I still dream of straight, soft and shiny strands, I have found a way to stop fighting against my texture. My secret? Sea Salt Hair Sprays!

Tigi Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray and Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair Beach Waves.

Sea salt hair sprays give my natural texture a punch. With them, it’s actually ok to be unable to run my fingers through my hair. It is ok for my hair to be unruly and do its own thing. Because it’s on purpose. Suddenly, my natural texture is transformed into Blake Lively’s really cool mane!

There are different ways to use those sprays: for those with straight hair, the best thing is probably to use them after washing your hair, when it’s still wet. For me, though, I find that the best is to use it on the second day, after having strategically straightened my hair the day before. It enables me to deal with the curls that are coming back on my bottom strands.

The two sprays on the picture work very well. My personal favorite remains the Tigi Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray, mainly because it smells so very good! According to the brand, it is a mix of salt and tobacco. Ok, I know, sounds strange. I really don’t like the way cigarette smells, and this is very different, don’t worry. In addition, the bottle is very big, so it is going to last you a long time!

You can buy it from a variety of websites, such as beautybay, lookfantastic or feelunique.

Beauty Misfit

Benefit Eye Bright

This week’s misfit.

The accused: Benefit Eye Bright is a very light pink  jumbo sized eye pencil which is supposed to brighten eyes and camouflage dark circles. It can be used on the waterline to reduce redness in eyes, as well as on dark circles and in the inner corner of eyes, to give an impression of a more awake look.

The accuser’s testimony: I bought this pencil on Amazon, not because I was looking for it, but only because I had gotten a bunch of other beauty products, and I was given a deal for this eye brightener. Oh, well, I guess I’m weak like that… So I didn’t have much expectation for this item, but I had wanted to find a light pencil to put on my waterline and make my eyes appear less red. Let me tell you, it’s a good thing that I didn’t dream of this item before buying it, because otherwise I would have been very disappointed!

First of all, when I use it on my waterline, the result isn’t natural at all! The pencil, even if I use the littlest amount, clogs up around my eyelashes, and so it is very obvious. It looks so fake that I can never use it. Then, when I try to use it on my dark circles, which are definitely there but not major either, the pencil is very far from my already very fair complexion, so I have two options: either I put very little and it doesn’t cover the darkness, or I use too much and it looks much too light and pink. So there is just no way to make it work. Finally, when I’ve used it in the inner corner of my eyes, it has sometimes gotten into my eyes, and it burnt my them. So I had to try to wash my eyes, and I had to redo my makeup all over again.

The verdict: Seriously, Benefit? Why such a bad product? Because of all its unkempt promises, I declare Benefit’s Eye Bright:

And so justice is done!