Beauty Misfit

Benefit Eye Bright

This week’s misfit.

The accused: Benefit Eye Bright is a very light pink  jumbo sized eye pencil which is supposed to brighten eyes and camouflage dark circles. It can be used on the waterline to reduce redness in eyes, as well as on dark circles and in the inner corner of eyes, to give an impression of a more awake look.

The accuser’s testimony: I bought this pencil on Amazon, not because I was looking for it, but only because I had gotten a bunch of other beauty products, and I was given a deal for this eye brightener. Oh, well, I guess I’m weak like that… So I didn’t have much expectation for this item, but I had wanted to find a light pencil to put on my waterline and make my eyes appear less red. Let me tell you, it’s a good thing that I didn’t dream of this item before buying it, because otherwise I would have been very disappointed!

First of all, when I use it on my waterline, the result isn’t natural at all! The pencil, even if I use the littlest amount, clogs up around my eyelashes, and so it is very obvious. It looks so fake that I can never use it. Then, when I try to use it on my dark circles, which are definitely there but not major either, the pencil is very far from my already very fair complexion, so I have two options: either I put very little and it doesn’t cover the darkness, or I use too much and it looks much too light and pink. So there is just no way to make it work. Finally, when I’ve used it in the inner corner of my eyes, it has sometimes gotten into my eyes, and it burnt my them. So I had to try to wash my eyes, and I had to redo my makeup all over again.

The verdict: Seriously, Benefit? Why such a bad product? Because of all its unkempt promises, I declare Benefit’s Eye Bright:

And so justice is done!


Beauty Misfit of the Week

The Clarisonic Mia

This week’s bad, bad misfit.

The accused : Do I need to introduce the Clarisonic ? It is an electric deep cleaning skin brush that everyone has been raving about for months –years?- now. From bloggers to beauty editors, almost everyone has agreed that it exfoliated their skin gently and gave them a much better skin texture and a glow they could never get with any other tool or product. Well… I don’t!

The accuser’s testimony: I bought the Clarisonic Mia last September, after having thought about it non-stop and pondered whether I should spend that much money or not for weeks on end.  I mean, with shipping and customs, it was going to be 200$ total, so I needed to make really sure it was going to change my skin, change my life, make me be the star of my own little fairytale. When I began using it, my skin reacted with little white blemishes, and I thought it was perfectly normal. After all, I had read in several different places that the brush was going to deeply clean my face, and impurities were going to go out of my pores at first. This amazing Dave Goss video had not been released, and so I believed in the wrong facts I had been given:

Everything began going very badly about 3 weeks-1 month after I started using the brush: I was getting cystic acne, the kind of breakouts that stay below the surface of the skin and hurt terribly, all over my chin and jaw area. I now understand that I broke out like that because my skin had been hyper-sensitized by the brush, but I did not understand it at the time, and I thought that the only way I could get rid of these breakouts was by being patient and continuing using the Clarisonic. After a couple months and some research, though, I began to blame the brush for how terrible my skin was feeling and looking. I had never had that much acne, all because I had bought an over-priced brush to actually improve my skin. But, because I had spent so much money, I was not ready to let go of the brush…

And so, I switched the brush head form “sensitive”, which is the brush the Clarisonic is delivered with, to “delicate”, which is the softest brush of all the ones Clarisonic offers. I continued using the brush for about 1 month, this time only about three times a week. My skin was feeling less inflamed, but the breakouts remained and it was nothing compared to how lovely it had looked before September. It took me several months all in all, but in mid-February, I decided I was done with the Mia. It was our final break-up. Since then, my skin has been improving. It was very slow at first, and I continued to have many cystic acne breakouts until the end of April. Since April, I’ve had a few, and now I have hardly any. My skin is finally back to how it was before I began using the Clarisonic just less than a year ago.

What a shame… 200$ wasted and, even worse, 1 year with terrible skin.

The verdict: Because it was a tool of torture and ruined my skin for a year, I am so very happy to loudly declare the Clarisonic Mia:


And I think the brush deserves a sentence even more terrible!

Beauty Misfit of the Week

Chanel Eye Shadow : Les 4 Ombres

This week’s misfit.

The accused: According to its description on the website, the 4 Ombres Chanel Eyeshadow squad should provide an easy application and be very pigmented. The compact I chose, 79 spices, is made up of for shadows: one light pinky-beige shadow, one light pink shadow, one gold shadow and one medium warm brown shadow. All of them are iridescent with very small sparkles.

The accuser’s testimony: I bought this eyeshadow compact on sale, about a year ago. I was really excited, as it was the first Chanel makeup item I had ever bought. Well… if I had judged this brand only on this compact, I would never have purchased anything from them again. While the colors are beautiful in the compact, the shadows are almost not pigmented at all! See proof #1 : To make these swatches, I had to rub the shadows like crazy, and there is almost no color! Overall, these shadows give me the result of 1$ drugstore off-brand makeup. No, I actually think that 1$ make-up would be more pigmented.

Proof #1.

The verdict: Because it has no pigmentation and, while on sale, still cost more than 45 CHF (about 45 dollars), I declare Chanel 4 Ombres in Spices:

And so justice is done.

Beauty Misfit of the Week:

Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

These week’s misfit.

The accused: According to the website, their powder foundation Mac Studio Fix should both cover and mattify skin. It “Gives skin a smooth, flawless, all-matte, full-coverage finish”. Plus, it is supposed to last up to 8 hours. Yeah, sure…

The accuser’s testimony: I bought this compact powder last Spring, in search for a good Summer powder that could help my oily skin staying matte even in the hottest weather. I decided to try Mac, because everyone seems to be raving about it. Plus, they have so many colors to choose from that I was sure to find the perfect shade. But, nothing seemed to work how I wanted: First, the shop-assistant chose the wrong shade for me. It is much too yellow and too dark. This is actually a problem I seem to have: why do shop-assistant in makeup stors always have to give me foundations that are at least 1 shade too dark? Do they think that it will make me look tanner and healthier?

Well, anyway, even if it’s not the right shade, doesn’t mean that it’s not a good powder. And the biggest concerns have nothing to do with the color, but with the overall wear and effect: THIS POWDER DOES NOT MATTIFY! It leaves my skin slightly oily when I apply it, and the oil comes through within at the most 2 hours. One more very big problem: the texture never looks natural! It covers my skin in plaques and it looks like plaster. Plus, very very bad detail: it migrates! It moves so much and gathers around my eyebrows, or around my nosestrils, making the plaster-like effect even worse and leaving some areas of my skin without any coverage. And, because the powder is far from my natural skin color, the overall effect is simply awful!

The verdict: Because it does not mattify, it covers horribly and it migrates, I declare Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation:

And so justice is done!

Beauty Misfit of the Week:

Guerlain Meteorites

Dear Meteorites … you have let me down.

The accused: Guerlain Meteorites Pearls in 01 Teint Rosé. This finishing powder is supposed to give skin a smooth aspect by erasing imperfections and softening features. The pearls come in five different colors in order to balance-out skin imperfection and leave us with a perfectly unified canvas.

The accuser’s testimony: I bought the pearls about 2 years ago. I wanted to use them as a setting powder. I thought that the different colors would create an illusion of smooth skin and would at the same time cancel out redness, hide darker spots and give a subtle radiance to my skin. However, the powder did not even out my skin at all. It made me very shiny because some of the pearls are shimmery. Overall, I was not satisfied with this powder at all. I have found a way to use it, though: I now swipe the powder over my browbones and cheekbones for a subtle sheen. It makes a nice highlighter for days when I want to minimize makeup.

The verdict: Because it does not even out skin and makes me look like a disco ball, I declare Guerlain’s Meteorites:

And so justice is done.