A Fast And Fancy-Looking Appetizer

Guacamole-Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

I really like cooking! And, what I prefer doing are simple, fast dishes that require little or no heat to make. Here is one of my favorite appetizers:

Guacamole-Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes:

You will need:

– a few cherry tomatoes

– salt and pepper

– one or two avocados

– chili flakes (or fresh chilly)

– lime juice


First, begin by washing your tomatoes. Then, cut off the top and empty the inside. Sprinkle some salt in the emptied tomatoes and place them on absorbent paper towels: the tomatoes are going to give out some of their water. In order for the tomatoes to sit up straight, you can cut off a little bit of flesh at the bottom.

Then, make the guacamole: in a plate, mash the avocado(-s). Add lime juice, chili flakes, and salt and pepper to taste. Scoop the guacamole into the tomatoes… et voilà!

Make sure you don’t wait too long before eating this appetizer: even though you put lime juice in the guacamole, it still can turn brown-grey.



My new favorite treat!

Iced coffee

So good, and so simple!

Let me introduce you to my favorite drink, dessert and/or afternoon snack: iced coffee! I’m not talking about drinks like Starbucks iced-coffee, which is strong warm coffee cooled down by ice cubes. No, my drink actually features coffee ice cubes!

Here is the super simple recipe. You will need:

coffee : I make mine with my Nespresso coffee machine. I like to use strong coffee for this recipe.

ice-cube maker (just a simple mold will do)

milk : I use whole milk, but you can vary and take skim milk, soy milk, …

maple sirup : this is optional. You can also take sugar instead.

To make the ice cubes, simply pour your coffee in an ice cube mold. Wait until it is frozen and put them into some milk, according to taste. You may here add some mapple sirup or sugar if you like sweet drinks.

This drink is perfect for warm summer nights! Enjoy!


What I Did Last Weekend

Visiting the Grande Dixence Dam!

Believe it or not, I live less than an hour away from the tallest dam in the world, and I had never been to visit it. Despite the terrible weather (cold and rainy), my mother and I decided it was time to go and see it at last.

So, we took the car and went. To access the dam, we had to go up in a gondola lift. We could have gone on foot, but we decided to take the lazy way up:

The dam was very impressive! But it was so big and the wall was angle in such a way that it was a lot less scary than smaller dams that are more vertical and so make it look like the drop is much higher.

Despite the weather, I was happy to go there and visit it! We could also have visited the inside of the wall, and see how the installation functions, but we decided on a simple, quick visit.

So, what did you do last weekend?

Occupy your Stick:

Stir it with a Stick!

When the summer heat caresses my skin, my taste buds always demand fresh and delicious food. What about yours?
Today I’ll share with you the recipe for an unpretentious banana drink which brightens my lazy afternoons.

Set your chronometers, only 3 minutes are required for its elaboration.

Ingredients for one glass:

  • 1 ripe banana: I love them ripe. Nearly too done. Feel free to use a newer banana.
  • 2 decilitres of milk (1 cup): A bit less than 2 dl actually. See the instructions below.
  • 0.5 decilitres of whole cream (1/4 cup)
  • Sweetened cocoa powder: Unlimited. I usually go for about 2 tablespoons.


  • Spoon.
  • You can either use a hand blender or an electric mixer which comes with a bowl.
  • This recipe is particularly quickly achieved if you use only a measuring cup: you will just have to pour the liquids directly from the bottle to the cup (less washing-up, yay !) and use the existent graduation to make sure you get the right amount of each ingredient.


  1. In your mixing container, put the banana cut in half.
  2. Aim at the limit of 2 dl and pour milk until you reach this mark.
  3. Same step with the cream. This time, aim at 2.5 dl.
  4. Blend until smooth.
  5. Add as much cocoa powder as you like. I like to mix it gently with a straw but if your blender is still on, why not using it? You can add the cocoa either before or after pouring the mixture in the glass. You don’t have to use a glass: you can also taste the drink directly from the container. Aah, sin of gluttony when you hold us!

If your naughty side is growling, don’t hesitate to add a splash of old and full-flavoured rhum.
Enough talking. Relax and enjoy the drink! 

Occupy Your Stick : Bubble Liquid

I love BMW… Blowing My Worries Away…

Stuck with kids and don’t know how to occupy them?
Take advantage of the summery weather, make some home-made bubble liquid and try it outside!

You do not need any fancy ingredient: this tutorial is specifically designed in such a way that you end up using only basic products.

Step by step:

Pour two tablespoons of water and one of dishwashing liquid into a bowl. Please respect the 2:1 ratio for the moment.
Mix well.

And now, time for the magical ingredient…
Please meet the star of the tutorial, Mister Powdered Sugar!

Sugar acts like glue. It enhances the tension between the ingredients and guarantees well-shaped bubbles.
Add two teaspoons of sugar. Mix until the sugar is mainly dissolved.
At this point, the spoon should get a bit stuck in the liquid when you mix.

Last step: finding a “bubble-maker” tool. Tough job.
Thanks to a backbreaking brainstorming, I found two options which work great. Tried and approved!
You can either use a topsy tail tool or a pair of scissors. If you choose the latter, please make sure to tape the sharp ends together so no kid gets hurt.

Here begins the trial and error process, because the proportions of ingredients needed will vary every time.
You will need to try forming bubbles and possibly rectify the amounts of water and/or sugar until you get a good quality bubble mixture.
Do not add any dishwashing product though.

Dip the tool into the liquid, drain it a little then blow slowly. Tadaa! Bubbles’ fest!

Awesome, isn’t it?
Don’t worry, I won’t tell you pretended you were babysitting to try it.