Star of the Stick

The Cure For Lipstick Virgins


Do you regularly moisturize your lips and really enjoy wearing clear or very sheer lip balm? Do you never wear too much color on your lips? Then, you are what I call a Lipstick Virgin.

But you don’t have to be afraid of color and shy away from more traditional lipsticks, thanks to the wonderful Clinique Almost Lipstick range. Trying them will let you get used to color and can help you in your apprenticeship of wearing a more colorful, grown-up lip. Plus, it will keep your lips moisturized thanks to its rich and comfortable texture. A real win-win!

Swatches of Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey and Luscious Honey.

I own two colors, Black Honey (left on picture) and Luscious Honey. Black Honey is a dark red with a berry-brown tone. Personally, I find it too brown for my fair skin. I don’t use it very often. The other one, Luscious Honey (right), I use a lot. It is a sheer red with cold, pink undertones. It is an easy way to get used to red lipstick progressively, or to wear a red hue during the day.

Swatches on my lips:

Black Honey – the flash makes it more red. In real life, it is browner.

Luscious Honey – the flash makes it look more pink. In reality, it is more of a sheer red.

Hope you enjoyed this review!




Etsy Shop On A Stick

A Life Without Etsy Is Like A Life Without Sun

I must confess something: I spend way too much time on Internet shopping websites… Mostly to dream shop. But still…

And one of my favorite websites to browse is Etsy. You can find all types of objects there. It is the best place to find unique objects that no-one else you know will own. It is also a great place to buy custom made items such as clothes to your measurements, spice blends to fit your tastes or soaps that will have the wacky smell you always dreamt about. I have already bought jewelry, clothes, craft supplies, wall art and makeup there. There is just so much choice. Most items are either handmade or vintage. Some of the handmade items look very amateurish, but other look perfect to every detail, with the quality of something you’d buy in an expensive shop.

Because I love Etsy so much, I’ve decided to spill my secrets and let you know about my best finds and my favorite shops. Stay tuned, some beautiful shops will be revealed soon.

What about you, do you shop at Etsy? And do you have favorite shops or items there?

Star of the Stick:

This Shampoo Is Awesome!


I’ve been using the La Grande Boucle Lush Shampoo, also known as Curly Wurly, for weeks now and I wonder why I’m talking about it only now… because it is great!

This shampoo is specially formulated for curly or wavy hair which need so special love in order to banish frizz and dryness. I have wavy hair and, to be honest, I can’t say that this shampoo has dramatically improved my waves and helped to define them. I generally don’t trust shampoos to do that, that’s the job of styling products. However, I can say truthfully that this shampoo is great to wash hair really well (no sticky residue left on the scalp… Moroccan Oil Volume Shampoo, I am talking of you…), while being non-aggressive.

I use it every other shampoo when I want to deep wash my scalp. I always follow with a conditioner to nourish my hair better but also because of… the flakes:


Now, as you can see on the picture, Curly Wurly is made with coconut flakes. Which is sometimes problematic: if you don’t brush your hair after rinsing the shampoo off, some flakes will remain in your hair… It hasn’t been much of a problem for me because I always condition and detangle my hair with a brush or a comb in the shower, and so either the brush chases the flakes away, or the water rinses it away when I get rid of my conditioner. However, I have seen on the Lush website that it drove some girls crazy.

Another problem with this shampoo: its smell. I know very many people just love the smell of coconut and other sweet foods in hair or body products. Lush is well-known for their sweet smelling ranges. But I really really dislike this kind of smells, and so I so much with this shampoo could smell differently. My sticking to it despite the smell (which I’m sure some of you will just adore) is yet another proof that it works really well.


What about you? What’s your favorite shampoo? And do you have Lush products you love?

How I Got Nailed This Week:

Last Minute Halloween Nails!

Hey girls! Want to find a very fast way to make you look spooky for Halloween? Or maybe you are looking for a nail style that is going to complement your deadly appearance for tonight? Well, look no further! Here are two looks that are going to make you look out of this world in 2 min, no more, no less!

You will need:

1. For the first look, you only need red nail polish!

2. For the second look, you’ll need red polish, dark red polish and dark blue polish.


First Look:

This was Lexa’s idea. She actually stumbled on it by chance just as she was getting rid of red nail polish yesterday!


Here’s how to get it: paint your nails red (one coat will be enough). Then dip a q-tip in nail polish remover. Make sure your q-tip isn’t too wet. Put it on your nail with little pressure and take some of it off. It will look even better if you put some color on your skin!

Second Look:

This is my take on bloody nails. For this look, you’ll need the three nail polish colors. Begin with naked nails, put some red polish on a q-tip and dab on your nails. Repeat with the dark blue and the dark red. Make sure you put some on your skin and on the top of your nails.

We hope these fast and easy tutorial will help you for Halloween! Have a very spooky night!


Tip of the Stick

Save Your Money!

Just a quick tip today: When it comes to blackhead packs, I used to always buy the Nivea ones that came in packs of 6, I think, with 3 patches for nose and 3 packets containing each two ┬átriangular patches for forehead and chin. These work very well, but I had two concerns: they were expensive, and I never used the triangular patches. Actually, in order not to waste them, I used them on my nose, but the result was really doubty…

Now, I only use the Casino brand patches. They work just as well, and they are cheaper. The six patches contained in the box all have the same shape. They look a lot like the Nivea ones for nose, but they can also be used on the forehead and the chin area.

And, by the way, if you are going to use patches, don’t forget my tip: use steam to open your pores really well!

What about you? How do you get rid of these dreaded blackheads?