Etsy Shop On A Stick

Dragon Moon Lotions Has Great Perfumes!

A few weeks ago, I told you I was out of my beloved perfume. It was a one-shot summer edition and I decided not to repurchase it, even though it was, and still is, on sale on some websites. So, after looking for an alternative for several weeks, I decided to turn to Etsy. And I am really happy I did. Etsy is the perfect place to look for a cheap, original perfume that can be exactly what you are looking for. On this website, many people sell perfume oils, and if you just look for them, you are given a lot of options. I have selected for you one of this sellers who sells very nice scents at an unbeatable price!

Shelly, in her shop Dragonfly Moon Lotions, sells a variety of perfumed oils with all kind of notes including floral, candy and wood. The list includes cool sounding fragrances such as “Gift from Heaven”, “Aphrodisiac”, “Isles of Dreams”, or “Stud”. While these names might sound mysterious, Shelly gives each time a description of the notes present in the perfume. I have gotten several of these oils myself and I’m really happy with them. My personal favorite is “Lilly of the Valley”, which smells simple and very clean. In addition, the perfume lasts all day! On my skin, perfume normally lasts half a day if I’m lucky, but those oils are very long-lasting, especially when applied on pulse points.

Shelly also sells other kinds of products such as sea salts, face cream, lip balms,… I have only gotten perfume oils from her, but the other stuff is very tempting!

And the best? Shelly will even create your own fragrance by combining the oils you will choose! And all that only for 6$ !!! Great, right?!? I’ve just ordered my own and I’m so impatient to get it!

Happy shopping!!!


Tip of the Stick

Save Your Money!

Just a quick tip today: When it comes to blackhead packs, I used to always buy the Nivea ones that came in packs of 6, I think, with 3 patches for nose and 3 packets containing each two  triangular patches for forehead and chin. These work very well, but I had two concerns: they were expensive, and I never used the triangular patches. Actually, in order not to waste them, I used them on my nose, but the result was really doubty…

Now, I only use the Casino brand patches. They work just as well, and they are cheaper. The six patches contained in the box all have the same shape. They look a lot like the Nivea ones for nose, but they can also be used on the forehead and the chin area.

And, by the way, if you are going to use patches, don’t forget my tip: use steam to open your pores really well!

What about you? How do you get rid of these dreaded blackheads?

Tip of the Stick

Shop Your Beauty Bag!


Today, a very quick and easy tip, yet very effective also:

Do you, just like me and other women, pile makeup products up and forget about the ones you used to love just as soon as you’ve gotten some new goodies? Do your staple products change just about every week, or every couple weeks, depending on how often you go to the beauty shop (and come back with a bagful)?

Well, I have a challenge for you : STOP doing it for 2 WEEKS and, instead of buying anything new, just SHOP YOUR BAG! 

To make this experience even more interesting, try to mix things up and change products every couple days, so that you don’t get stuck in a routine. And try to use products in an unexpected way. Lately, I’ve used lipsticks and balms as blush and I’ve used eye pencil as a base all over my eyelid. The results are really cool!

Let me know if you’re up to the challenge! Good Luck!

P.-S: I was going to challenge you, and myself, to do this for 1 MONTH, but then I thought it was just too cruel, and not realistic at all!