How I Got Nailed This Week

One Good Surprise

This DEBBY nailpolish is cheap, but looks like big bucks!


Sometimes, there are expensive beauty products or tools that disappoint. When it comes to nails, I feel that one really can’t know if the new polish they buy will be a winner or a loser. Expensive polishes are not necessarily better. I’ve always had good experiences with Chanel ones (as you can see here, here, or here) , but I find the Dior ones simply horrible.

Conversely, sometimes really cheap polished can have the most amazing opacity, durability and shine. It sometimes happens, but it’s rare… And the best, don’t you find, is when you score one, even though you had no expectation at all. This is what happened to me with this beauty, which is a Debby nail polish that I bought in Italy about a year and a half ago. It doesn’t seem to have a name, so I guess the color code must be C350, which appears on the front sticker on the bottle. The color is perfect for winter. It is a shimmery red, but it is a dark red, which means it doesn’t look overly Christmassy. It applies on like a breeze and it is very shiny! In fact, much shinier than any other I own. Plus, the opacity is really great: On this picture, I only wear 1 coat!

Unfortunately, I’ve had it for so long that I’m almost out of it. I guess a trip to Italy is on my to-do list!


How I Got Nailed This Week:

Last Minute Halloween Nails!

Hey girls! Want to find a very fast way to make you look spooky for Halloween? Or maybe you are looking for a nail style that is going to complement your deadly appearance for tonight? Well, look no further! Here are two looks that are going to make you look out of this world in 2 min, no more, no less!

You will need:

1. For the first look, you only need red nail polish!

2. For the second look, you’ll need red polish, dark red polish and dark blue polish.


First Look:

This was Lexa’s idea. She actually stumbled on it by chance just as she was getting rid of red nail polish yesterday!


Here’s how to get it: paint your nails red (one coat will be enough). Then dip a q-tip in nail polish remover. Make sure your q-tip isn’t too wet. Put it on your nail with little pressure and take some of it off. It will look even better if you put some color on your skin!

Second Look:

This is my take on bloody nails. For this look, you’ll need the three nail polish colors. Begin with naked nails, put some red polish on a q-tip and dab on your nails. Repeat with the dark blue and the dark red. Make sure you put some on your skin and on the top of your nails.

We hope these fast and easy tutorial will help you for Halloween! Have a very spooky night!


How I Got Nailed This Week

V … for Vandeta

A swatch of Chanel’s Vandeta.

I can’t believe how lucky I was on Saturday! I went to a flea market and found a few Chanel nail polish for a ridiculously low price! The one I was most excited about was 483 Vandeta. It is a very dark purple which looks almost black, depending on the light. I wish it could look more purple, because it is one of my favorite colors and I think it is so perfect for autumn.

As I have experienced with other Chanel nail polishes, it was extremely easy to put on. The texture is great, not sticky at all. It has a really good opacity and coloration. I only had to put on 2 coats, whereas I normally put on 3 coats to get an even finish. Chanel nail polishes are definitely a splurge, but if you like sticking to the same shades, I highly recommend them, because they give beautiful results.

These past few days, I have really been drawn to darker, richer colors. I guess it’s fall fashion getting me excited for colder weather. I can’t wait to get my boots out, even though I haven’t gotten sick at all of my Minnetonka Mocassins, my official footwear of summer 2012.

What about you, are you excited for fall yet?

Quick Tip of the Stick

Use Cuticle Oil

I have weak nails. They break easily and, mostly, they peel off in layers. It makes me mad!

However, they are doing much better now that I have begun to use cuticle oil. I apply it as a cure, before putting on nail polish (I leave it on for at least 15 minutes, then take off with soap), but mostly I apply it on the base of my nails before bed. It doesn’t mess up nail polish at all. Now that I’ve been using cuticle oil, my nails are becoming stronger.

On this picture, I have the Essence Studio Nails Caring Oil. I don’t think it’s that great, though… Do you know any good cuticle oil you could recommend for chippy-nailed girls?

Beauty Misfit of the Week

Dior Nail Polish

This expensive nail polish left me with cheap-looking nails.

The accused: Dior Nail Polish in Rose Dauphine / Pink Icing #253. Inside this 10ml glass bottle, which retails for over 20$ in the USA (and over 30.- in Switzerland) is a beautiful pink varnish with little silver sparkles. The DIOR USA website tells us that the color is beautiful, the application is easy and the result is long-lasting.

First accuser’s testimony: I bought this nail polish over a year ago, for my birthday, as a gift to myself. It is a good thing that I didn’t receive it from anyone else, because, seeing the result, I might have wondered about this person’s good intentions… The product is very hard to apply neatly, as it is too thick and streaks easily. I feel like I either put too little on, and so the opacity is too thin and I can see brushed streaks with my nails underneath, or I put on too much and I end up with plastered-like nails. I’ve tried times and again, because it was an investment for me and so I forced myself to use it, but I’ve never been satisfied with the result. I can’t tell you if it lasts long: it looked so awful that I took it off after only a couple days.

Second accuser’s testimony: You might think that the awful texture described by Gale is due to the sparkles: at times, sparkling nail polishes tend to be more whimsical than the plain ones. However, don’t be fooled. There is a real issue with Dior’s nail polishes whatever their finish is.

Some months ago, I had to handle a plum polish from this brand without shimmers or sparkles in it. The person whose fingers I was applying nail polish on had been advised by a saleswoman. The latter apparently didn’t mind to recommend bad quality products (in my opinion).

My painting attempt was a disaster. A calamity. A synthetic varnish Berezina. It led to an unsuccessful deployment of the full arsenal of my techniques for applying nail polishes and a particularly dissatisfied hand model who was not ashamed to slander my apparently legendary incompetence. Thanks a lot Dior!

Final verdict: Because it is (almost) impossible to apply correctly, leading to a cheap and amateurish look, we declare this nail polish:

… and so justice is done …