Etsy Shop On A Stick

A Life Without Etsy Is Like A Life Without Sun

I must confess something: I spend way too much time on Internet shopping websites… Mostly to dream shop. But still…

And one of my favorite websites to browse is Etsy. You can find all types of objects there. It is the best place to find unique objects that no-one else you know will own. It is also a great place to buy custom made items such as clothes to your measurements, spice blends to fit your tastes or soaps that will have the wacky smell you always dreamt about. I have already bought jewelry, clothes, craft supplies, wall art and makeup there. There is just so much choice. Most items are either handmade or vintage. Some of the handmade items look very amateurish, but other look perfect to every detail, with the quality of something you’d buy in an expensive shop.

Because I love Etsy so much, I’ve decided to spill my secrets and let you know about my best finds and my favorite shops. Stay tuned, some beautiful shops will be revealed soon.

What about you, do you shop at Etsy? And do you have favorite shops or items there?