Tip Of The Stick

How To Deal With Tangle-Prone Hair

Does your hair have uneven texture? Maybe it is straight on top and curly on the bottom? Do you get lots of tangles, even if you do your best to brush your hair often? Do your hair stay straight, soft and shiny for only one day after having used your beloved but unfortunately not so highly efficient hair iron?

Well, if it’s not your case, it is certainly mine. I have struggled with unruly hair for a very long time and, while I still dream of straight, soft and shiny strands, I have found a way to stop fighting against my texture. My secret? Sea Salt Hair Sprays!

Tigi Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray and Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair Beach Waves.

Sea salt hair sprays give my natural texture a punch. With them, it’s actually ok to be unable to run my fingers through my hair. It is ok for my hair to be unruly and do its own thing. Because it’s on purpose. Suddenly, my natural texture is transformed into Blake Lively’s really cool mane!

There are different ways to use those sprays: for those with straight hair, the best thing is probably to use them after washing your hair, when it’s still wet. For me, though, I find that the best is to use it on the second day, after having strategically straightened my hair the day before. It enables me to deal with the curls that are coming back on my bottom strands.

The two sprays on the picture work very well. My personal favorite remains the Tigi Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray, mainly because it smells so very good! According to the brand, it is a mix of salt and tobacco. Ok, I know, sounds strange. I really don’t like the way cigarette smells, and this is very different, don’t worry. In addition, the bottle is very big, so it is going to last you a long time!

You can buy it from a variety of websites, such as beautybay, lookfantastic or feelunique.


Tip of the Stick

Save Your Money!

Just a quick tip today: When it comes to blackhead packs, I used to always buy the Nivea ones that came in packs of 6, I think, with 3 patches for nose and 3 packets containing each two  triangular patches for forehead and chin. These work very well, but I had two concerns: they were expensive, and I never used the triangular patches. Actually, in order not to waste them, I used them on my nose, but the result was really doubty…

Now, I only use the Casino brand patches. They work just as well, and they are cheaper. The six patches contained in the box all have the same shape. They look a lot like the Nivea ones for nose, but they can also be used on the forehead and the chin area.

And, by the way, if you are going to use patches, don’t forget my tip: use steam to open your pores really well!

What about you? How do you get rid of these dreaded blackheads?

Tip of the Stick

Shop Your Beauty Bag!


Today, a very quick and easy tip, yet very effective also:

Do you, just like me and other women, pile makeup products up and forget about the ones you used to love just as soon as you’ve gotten some new goodies? Do your staple products change just about every week, or every couple weeks, depending on how often you go to the beauty shop (and come back with a bagful)?

Well, I have a challenge for you : STOP doing it for 2 WEEKS and, instead of buying anything new, just SHOP YOUR BAG! 

To make this experience even more interesting, try to mix things up and change products every couple days, so that you don’t get stuck in a routine. And try to use products in an unexpected way. Lately, I’ve used lipsticks and balms as blush and I’ve used eye pencil as a base all over my eyelid. The results are really cool!

Let me know if you’re up to the challenge! Good Luck!

P.-S: I was going to challenge you, and myself, to do this for 1 MONTH, but then I thought it was just too cruel, and not realistic at all!

Quick Tip of the Stick

Use Cuticle Oil

I have weak nails. They break easily and, mostly, they peel off in layers. It makes me mad!

However, they are doing much better now that I have begun to use cuticle oil. I apply it as a cure, before putting on nail polish (I leave it on for at least 15 minutes, then take off with soap), but mostly I apply it on the base of my nails before bed. It doesn’t mess up nail polish at all. Now that I’ve been using cuticle oil, my nails are becoming stronger.

On this picture, I have the Essence Studio Nails Caring Oil. I don’t think it’s that great, though… Do you know any good cuticle oil you could recommend for chippy-nailed girls?

Tip of the Stick

Nail artists’ nightmare

<Insert tragic tune here>
For years, you have had those nightmares.
Your very favourite nail polish that gets thick and cannot be used.
Or a recently-bought varnish that happens to have the same texture as an old one.
In short, nail polish looking more like chewing-gum than thin varnish.

After a while, you had chills and were anxious each time you bought a new polish: “Am I picking an old one?”
You prayed that you wouldn’t be deceived.
You put a lot of nail polishes in the trash.
You were desperate.

Those sad times are OVER.
The Blog On a Stick gives you a quick solution: nail polish remover!

Sounds weird? Trust me, it works wonders.
Put a few drops of it in your nail polish bottle, shake well and it should get rid of the loathed thickness.

Happy nail polishes. Happy mani. Happy You!